Wellness & FAMILY

Developing a participatory, exploratory and educative travel experience in an idyllic environment with personalised services for the complete well-being of the family

Wellness & ADVENTURE

Hiking, surfing, skiing, meditation, yoga; trips with activities in harmony with nature


Contribute to social, economic and environmental sustainability

Wellness & THERAPY

Thalasso therapy, hydrotherapy, for healing; relaxing therapies and energy medicine



We believe that wellness is inherent to us. It is measured by the quality of life we live, which goes from the food we choose to eat to the thoughts we choose to think. It surrounds us from the inside out, reflecting our daily habits. In today’s modern life, it is necessary that we redeem the connection with our essential nature and reclaim our greatest values to live a more fulfilling life. Because it is good to feel good!


Since everything is interconnected, our body plays an important role in acquiring life experience. It is instrumental in interacting with others and with the surrounding environment. It is the Temple of Soul intermediating inner and outer worlds. It is the landmark for past, present and future. It is the material manifestation from all our subtle bodies, thus, it needs to be nourished with vital energy from air – to food – to movement and filled by attentiveness.


We witnessed that to live a happy life our minds need to be calm, clear and positive. The contrary of that, leads us to delusion. Sometimes, why this simple happiness formula seems to be so difficult to put in practice in a ‘real world’? Because we are conditioned and somewhere along this path, we have forgotten who we truly are. In this case what is missing is a deep understanding and a transformative training to regain self-control. Hence, nothing is capable of stealing our inner freedom.


Nature is life force and we need to get exposed to plants, mountains, the sky, and recharge our mind with natural stimulus, open our eyes and unleash our creativity. When we practice outdoor activities, we are not only mechanically and unconsciously moving our bodies, we are facing our limitations, overcoming our inner barriers, challenging ourselves for self-growth, recognizing integrity and unity and working with nature to manifest our own higher natural potentials for a greater attentiveness.


Tempo Voyage is part of Tempo Hospitality headquartered in Geneva and its name selected due to our commitment to quality, precision, singularity, reliability, tradition, design, innovation… these are a few characteristics that reflect the Swiss watch making industry; know-how that has its origins in Geneva and is reputable for producing timepieces that are small yet highly complex, traditional but still avant-garde.

Tempo Voyage offers exclusive travels, unifying mind, body and soul with the environment and the community resulting in an overall wellness. Our selection of destinations is unique, and our itineraries are designed mixing a diversity of adventure sports with various wellness activities in special places and also providing rich exchanges that add positive value in your life and in the lives of many people around your path. We have to offer an enjoyable and invigorating trip, as an unforgettable experience!